The Matejek Family Foundation is committed to positively affecting the lives of people through education and faith based organizations

Our History

Jerry and Lois Matejek were both raised in farming communities in Texas in the 1930’s and 40’s. At that time, the highest priority was taking care of basic family needs. As a result, neither was afforded the opportunity to attend college after high school. They met in Midland, Texas; married, and had four children which were raised in Midland.

Early in our lives we were taught the importance of faith, character, reputation, and concern for others. We also learned from our parents that hard work led the way to success. Jerry and Lois believed an education beyond high school was critical to the successful lives of their children. They assured each of us that opportunity. We are grateful for that opportunity and realize how important it has been to our success.

In 2005 we made our first contribution on behalf of the foundation. With successes in our professional careers we are in position to help others in need. Our goal is to help young people who have bright minds and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Also, it is our intent to help others who are in need of basic life needs. Since inception, we have supported 38 different organizations with a history of positively affecting the lives of many.