The Matejek Family Foundation began in 2005 to support organizations who offer educational assistance or provide faith-based initiatives. Privately funded by the family, the Foundation’s credo is to “help secure bright futures through faith and education”. The organization’s that benefit from the Foundations’ support are selected by the board members. The board works diligently every year to ensure the organizations chosen meet guidelines regarding overhead expenses and impact to the communities or individuals they serve.


The Matejek Family Foundation was formed around staples that have shaped the lives of the Matejek family, and thereby helped them to achieve their goals in life. Education, a strong bond in the family, and the relationship with their faith help the Matejek’s in their daily lives. Through our efforts, we want to positively affect lives which will lead to their success.

We proudly support

Uplift Secondary School

Uplift Hampton

Notre Dame School

Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University

Human Coalition

Boys Town